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Last SITE public workshop: Smart mobility + BUGA bike sharing system


Associated to the SITE final meeting  which is held in Aveiro, Aveiro Municipality organises a session which is open to public participation. The aim is to discuss the role of smart ticketing as a tool to connect the different modes of transport, integrating them as a seamless continuity.

Under the project of regeneration BUGA, we intend to further evaluate how shared bicycles systems can integrate Public Transports, filling gaps in the continuity of journeys. We will present scenarios how the regeneration of BUGA can be made ans all SITE parners will present their results in their city.

At the same time,an exhibition – Bicycles & Bicycle Shared Systems – is organized by Technology Platform for Bike and Soft Mobility of the University of Aveiro, focusing on the Cycling World, with a particular emphasis on Bikesharing Systems

You can see the programme here.

Debates will be in Portuguese (with translation to english) or directly in English.

Registration is free (until 120 people), emailing at

We are looking forward to meeting you in Aveiro.


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Public workshop: Moving towards a Regional smart ticketing system

The workshop will be the occasion for public transport ticketing competent authorities to discover experiences from 4 French and European cities. Come to learn the keys for success and the mistakes to avoid in implementing a smart ticketing system at a regional level.